What is Bfit?

Are you bored and frustrated with all the expensive diet plans that weren’t sustainable? Eager to find that one program that you’ve been searching for that will teach you how to implement the many components necessary for sustainable weight loss and improved health? Are you ready how to learn how to be your best friend instead of your worst enemy?

Stop Starting Over- This Is A New Approach To A New You! I have developed a 12 week nutrition and wellness program that covers all the food and lifestyle elements that affect weight loss. This life-changing program has been the key for my clients to regain control of their lives, gain confidence and love themselves again.

BFit Blast Off is transformation program filled with the education, motivation, and self-reflection necessary to make lasting changes. The secret is the simplicity of this new approach.

I don’t tell you what to eat! I teach you HOW to eat, move and live better, putting you in the driver’s seat to create the life you’ve been wishing for.  

Nutrition is much more complex than most people realize, however, my program teaches it in a way that is simple to understand and carry out. Therein lies the secret to your success.

The information you will learn is incredible and it’s my client’s’ favorite aspect of the program. It will enable you to make choices that will finally give you the sustainable results you’ve been searching for. With my coaching and your determination, the pounds will melt away and stay away!

If you’re ready to break up with emotional eating, self-doubt, and yo-yo dieting,  check out the next step to get the support you need.

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Knowledge is Power

This unique program provides all the scientifically-proven education that will give you the tools you need to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

It's Sustainable

I don’t tell you what to eat, I teach you how to eat. I ditch the crazy restrictions and fads of most programs and you will start to shed the pounds and keep them off, ending your yo-yo dieting cycle.

A Little Change Goes A Long Way

Each week we will practice one new habit. Overtime, the habits build on one another and these small actions lead to big changes!

It Saves Time

It’s designed for the busiest of lives. In less than 10 minutes a day, you will transform your mind and body. Your coaching support will be just a click away on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

It's Easy

Each day your program details will be sent to your email. Your interactive coaching will be delivered online. There is zero guess work.

It Saves Money

No expensive and temporary fad gimmicks, gadgets or shakes here. My program shifts thoughts into actions and actions into sustainable results.



Self-guided program covering all the food and lifestyle elements needed for sustainable weight loss.

  • 12 week results-driven program
  • Fat burning and muscle building supplement guide
  • Daily educational and motivational emails
  • Printable resources to guide you to success
  • Lesson and habit tracking
  • Bi-weekly progress tracking system
  • Eligible for the follow-up maintenance program
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You get what is included in the BLAST OFF program plus:

  • Engaging and Interactive Online Coaching
  • Access to our Private Facebook Support Group
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions Available For Replay
  • Bonus “Champion Challenge” Prize Drawings
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You get what is included in the MASTERMIND program plus:

  • (6) 45 min bi-weekly private phone or Skype coaching calls 
  • Customized programing creation to target individual specific needs
  • Progress photo analysis and feedback 
  • Bloodwork requests to discuss with your doctor with tracking
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What our Customers say

``I have been working with CB (Coach since April. I've lost 40 pounds, improved my eating habits (I was an under eater), I sleep better, learned to hydrate, and most importantly I have de-stressed my life. Thanks for the accountability and knowledge. I will continue to check in with her for tips should I get stuck on my last 30 pounds.`` - Amy S.
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