I believe where the mind goes, the body will follow. I strongly feel, a true transformation starts by shifting your thoughts into the actions that will ultimately lead you to the life you've only been able to imagine. I have developed a program that has literally been life-changing for my clients, allowing them to regain control of their lives, gain confidence and love themselves again.

My program is filled with the education and motivation necessary to make lasting changes. I teach you how to implement specific healthy habits to improve your mind and body, while still enjoying the foods you love.

With my coaching and your determination, the pounds will melt away and stay away! If you're ready to break up with emotional eating, self-doubt, and yo-yo dieting, check out the next step to get the support you need.

+Hours of Coaching
+ Years of Experience
Transformative Programs Written


Knowledge is Power

My program provides all the tools needed to transform you into a confident, fat burning machine.

No crazy restrictions and fads here. My program is simple, realistic and most of all, EFFECTIVE!

A Little Change Goes A Long Way

Each week we will practice one new habit. Overtime, these small actions lead to big changes!

It Saves Time

In less than 10 minutes a day, you will learn HOW to transform your mind and body.

Each day your program details will be sent to your email. My interactive coaching will be delivered online.

It Saves Money

This is your final destination.  My program shifts thoughts into actions and actions into long-term results.


For the clients who have tried everything, my habit-based coaching program provides crucial education and dives into the challenges and obstacles that are holding them back.

I empower them to shift their thoughts into actions, ultimately leading to the changes they have always desired. *Results TYPICAL


What My Clients Are Saying

“Before hiring Brigitt for my nutrition needs I had put on 10lbs after starting my new job. Brigitt was there for all my ups and downs for the 6 months it took to lose the weight.

Trust me I was on a roller coaster and going out of control.  Rewiring my brain was not an easy task and to just trust in what she told me to do as far as eating and exercising, it was out of my comfort zone, but I trusted her 100%- no questions asked.

It paid off!!! I lost the 10lbs and have kept it off.  I couldn't have done it without her guidance and support.”

– Ashley, Dallas, TX

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“Brigitt started coaching me – not just nutrition and exercise which are the 'Hows' to lose weight (of which she is an EXPERT), but dealing with the 'Whys' behind my unhealthy lifestyle and emotional eating. Her coaching and online program has enabled me to honestly address those hindrances in my thinking that have made sustainable weight loss unattainable in the past. I am down 30+ lbs. and went from a size 14 to a 4-6 and still making progress.

I have kept the weight off for almost 3 years because it has been a gradual improvement of habits, choices, and healthy habits. Brigitt's coaching and the information provided through BFiT have been life changing!”

-Diane, Seattle, WA

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Are you ready to tap into the power of food to achieve your ideal weight?

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