My coaching programs have been created based on the research of fitness and nutrition’s leading authorities and designed to be simple, innovative and complement your fast-paced life.

If you are ready to “stop starting over” and try a new approach, choose a program below and take that first step to achieving success in creating the healthy lifestyle and body you’ve been waiting for.

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Engage with Your New Support Community and Get All Your Questions Answered with My Group Coaching

My online practice-based coaching program takes you on a journey by teaching you how to eat, move, and live better, all within the context of your busy, everyday life. You will benefit from interactive coaching and community support to increase your results. You will receive:

  • 6-week results-driven program
  • Valuable fat burning supplement purchasing ebook with discount code
  • Daily educational and motivational emails
  • Printable resources to guide you to success
  • Lesson and habit tracking system
  • Bi-weekly weight loss tracking system
  • Over 30 BFiT approved recipes
  • Engaging and Interactive Group Coaching from Coach Brigitt
  • Access to our Private Facebook Support Group
  • “Week in Review” submission for additional coaching support


Here you will receive regular coaching by sharing questions and receiving support through our private Facebook support group. This new community will be a safe place to share encouragement, challenges and new ideas. It will add a foundation and enthusiasm to your exciting transformation.

  • Price: $247

– 1:1 VIP COACHING PROGRAM – (Spaces Limited!)

Dig Deeper and Add Accountability with Private Coaching

If you have a more complex situation and background, private one-on-one coaching will be the crucial element you’ve been missing. With all the incredible benefits of the Mastermind Program, you will also have your own personal transformation and wellness coach.

My private sessions have proven to be invaluable for unlocking the obstacles that have held you back in the past. I will keep a very close eye on your lesson and habit completion, photos and measurements. Side-by-side progress photos will be analyzed and provided to the client so we can celebrate your hard work.

  • ALL tools of the 6-week MASTERMIND program
  • Three 45 min bi-weekly private phone or Skype strategy sessions
  • Customized program creation to target your individual and specific obstacles
  • Bi-weekly progress photo analysis with feedback
  • Accountability check-in’s between calls
  • Spaces are Limited!

Price: $447

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What is BFiT’s mission?

My mission is to transition women (and men) from yo-yo dieting burnout to achieving sustainable weight loss, empowerment and improved self-confidence through education, habit building and coaching support.

How is your program structured?

Each Sunday a new habit will be introduced. The habits are structured in a progressive way to bring optimal weight loss. A new short lesson will be delivered daily to teach you how and why the habit is important for your goals. These lessons will create enthusiasm that will make your habits a part of your new lifestyle. Simplicity is my secret weapon!

What is your refund policy?

Although I would like you to hit your habits about 80% of the time, results ARE TYPICAL with even less adherence.  This program is scientifically proven effective with the widest range of clients, resulting in my 100% satisfaction rate. However, if after the first month you decide this program is not for you, I will cancel your 2 remaining payments. There will be no refunds for programs paid in full.

How will I measure my progress?

Every two weeks you will be asked to upload your weight, girth measurements, and photos. Body recompositioning can be tricky and sometimes the scale and tape measure don’t tell the whole story, especially when muscle is being built due to your new habits. This is where the photos come to the rescue. They always tell the true story!

Do I have to take progress photos?

Yes, and here is why! While this is the least favorite part for most clients, it is the truest measure of change. It is hard to see the changes in the body YOU live in. These progress pictures have turned “seemingly frustrated” clients into “elated” clients within seconds when they can get an objective comparison as they move through the program.

How is this program different than all the other diets I’ve tried?

Simple! This is not a diet. You will learn how to lose fat while eating more than you dreamed possible. You will learn how to restore your hunger and satiety hormones, turning your body into a fat burning machine. I teach you how to make healthy food delicious and how to enjoy your favorite treats while still losing weight. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not, it’s your new lifestyle and it works!