Nutrition Coaching Testimonials and “In Progress” Photos

Welcome to my testimonial page! I coach clients all over the country, teaching them how to apply my knowledge to make sustainable and continuous results. I call these “In Progress” pictures because these photos are all a work in progress. Once my clients have a strong foundation and a firm grasp on what they’ve learned, they apply all the tools I’ve given them on their own and continue to make progress long after our work together is done.

Client Story #1

Brigitt C.- Active but Lacking Knowledge

I wanted to sculpt my body. I wanted to work smarter, not harder.

My education has been a game changer. I have been able to transform my body with less effort and more reward than I ever thought possible. I’ve lost 6 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs of muscle!

“Nutrition has been life changing for me! This before and after picture in my old jeans shows how powerful the right education can be, even for people without a weight problem. I was active and not considered overweight, but I didn’t know then what I know now. Today I work smarter, not harder!”

~ Coach Brigitt

Client Story #2

Ann K. – From “Skinny Fat” to Fit and Lean

Ann came to me wanting to wear a bikini on her upcoming beach vacation.

Ann got way more than she bargained for. Not only did she rock her bikini, she was able to get rid of the chronic back pain that was affecting her daily life. She lost 7lbs of fat and gained 3lbs of muscle in just a few months. She got lean, strong and confident.

“I didn’t realize how little I knew about nutrition. Brigitt is easy to confide in and I never felt judged, even when I “slipped” and was quickly reminded that it’s okay to reward yourself once in a while. I learned the importance of balancing foods that are good for me as well as foods I’ve always enjoyed. Learning how to change my eating habits was a chain reaction, once I started eating better, I started feeling better. I even wore a bikini for the first time in years! I’m learning to be my best self while passing on these lessons to my four children.”

Client Story #3

Jenny W.- From Victim of Bad Advice to Fat Loss Super Hero

To reverse her metabolic suppression that was a result of bad advice and years of calorie restrictive dieting.

Healthier hunger signals. Eating more food than she thought possible for increased fat loss. More energetic mother and wife. Confidence and physical strength are a welcome change!

“Wow, photos and measurements done. I am pretty happy with the numbers! Makes me even happier that everything is showing progress even at this time of the month. You might be onto something with this coaching gig you’ve got started! LOL Seriously, couldn’t be happier with the results which are based on knowledge and therefore are sustainable. Love this new lifestyle! Thank you Coach B!!!!” ~ Jenny W.

Client Story #4

Brandi R. – Athletic Habitual Evening Snacker to Personal Record Setting Athlete

Brandi was a super motivated and hard working athlete but fell into a life of wrong habits that were holding her back, She needed to manage deep-seated bad habits and navigate her life to suit her goals.

Leaner and stronger with more confidence and self-control!

“Working with Brigitt not only changed my outlook on food, but my whole lifestyle. She taught me how to make better selections, and was also there for moral support. She was tough when I needed it, and compassionate during hard times. Brigitt’s coaching definitely changed my life!”

Client Story #5

Angie O. -From New Mommy To Hot Mommy

This client came to me on the heels of having her 5th child! She wanted to drop her baby weight as quickly as possible.

The results speak for themselves. This busy mom of 5 implemented some simple habits that led to big changes!

Client Story #6

Gina P.- From Just Missing the Mark to Nailing It!

This client came to me with all the motivation and was doing most things right but needed some information and education she was lacking to carry out on her own.

This result is after one single session. She implemented some small changes that led to big results!

Check out what my clients say

“I have been working with CB (Coach B) since April. I’ve lost 40 pounds, improved my eating habits (I was an under eater), sleep better, learned to hydrate, and most importantly I have de-stressed my life. Thanks for the accountability and knowledge. I will continue to check in with her for tips should I get stuck on my last 30 pounds.”
~ Amy S.
“Brigitt is such an awesome person! She really cares about people and helping them do and be their best!! She is very knowledgeable and educated and can help you reach your goals!!”
~ Racheal A.
“Brigitt is an amazing person and it carries over to her professional life in her personal training! She’s truly someone to trust when it comes to your health and fitness needs!”
~ Marsha T.
“Thankful Thursday! WOW!!! I am eating more food than I ever have in my entire life!! Some days I cannot get it all in! In way less than 30 days I have lost THIRTEEN pounds. I’m feeling SO much better in many ways. Coach Brigitt is AMAZING!”
~ Liz H.
“If you need help with your workouts, your eating, your motivation, and/or setting realistic goals and making a plan to get there…. This is where you need to stop looking and CALL BRIGITT!!! I’m a very happy — and now much more nutritionally educated — customer!”
~ Julie M.
“I’ve had the pleasure to take her classes, learn to swim from her, completed a sprint Tri with her BUT the magic really happened for me with a nutrition session by Brigitt. I have 8 sustained months of loss with measurements & weight!!! She has a great approach, doesn’t sugar coat or dictate but gets her information across respectfully!”
~ Gina P.
“I bought new jeans this week, both styles were a size 6 and not tight! Really working to sculpt and strengthen. Thank you for all you have taught me and the ongoing inspiration you continue to be!”
~ Heather N.
“Hello there. I just wanted to let you know that I’m thankful for many things in my life. But I’m mostly thankful for how good I feel about myself. And my extra small black & white $88 sweater that I got for $29 and my small Express jeggings that were on sale too. I must say – I look pretty damn cute- thankful someone knows how to get through to me and help me achieve my fitness goals”
~ Gina P.
“I love her passion! She uses nutrition science and compassion to help her clients smash their goals!”
~ Kim J.

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